Product information
EAN Code
ECE E-24
ECE certification
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Product description
CARica - wireless charging tray
Production information
The special designed cover offers depending on the angle of incidence, very good glare, heat and sun protection.
The position enables clear navigation from the smartphone.
The CARica offers space for almost any smartphone (170mm x 80 mm).
The integrated charging-function-unit offers an easy-to-use solution for wireless energy transfer between the transmitter (charging unit) and receiver (smartphones with inductive charging function).
The smart touch "on and off function" extends the life of most batteries.
Plug & play, custom fit power supply connection.

Technical data
Output power from the power transmitter is 10W continuously.
The transmission systems meet current EMC standards and thus enable trouble-free use in the vehicle.
Efficiency of wireless energy transmission is up to 85%.
RRP incl. VAT
€ 129.00